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At ROIDER IP, we are focused on providing cost efficient and high quality intellectual property services, including drafting and filing German, European and International patent applications and their prosecution, maintenance of intellectual property rights, conducting searches as well as providing customized trainings and seminars on a need to basis, enabling our clients to make the right decisions in strategic planning.

We support and accompany our clients through every stage of patenting German and European patents – from drafting the application to defending the patent in opposition proceedings. Thus, in addition to the prosecution of German, European and International patent applications, we represent our clients in opposition and appeal proceedings before the German and European Patent Office, for example in Munich, Germany or Rijswijk, Netherlands. On the other hand, we safeguard the economic freedom of our clients by attacking German and European patents of their competitors.

In order to provide international clients with consistent and reliable on-site representation, ROIDER IP collaborates with a select group of highly experienced and well-established correspondence law firms around the world.

ROIDER IP is a young aspiring German and European patent law firm established in 2013. We are located in Unterhaching, a steadily growing suburb in Munich’s south – close to the European Patent Office, the Boards of Appeal Unit of the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office as well as the German Federal Patent Court – and soon near to the Unified Patent Court.

The German and European patent law firm is named after its founder Stephan Roider, who has an impressive track record of more than eleven years working in the field of intellectual property. Stephan Roider is German and European Patent Attorney and possesses a technical degree in physics and industry experience due to his work for technology companies. This combination of legal and technical expertise allows ROIDER IP to understand their clients’ objectives and provide focused intellectual property services for achieving them.

The clients of ROIDER IP are domestic and foreign companies involved in all fields of technology and ranging in the size from small start-ups to medium-sized and large multinational companies, as well as research institutions and individuals.

The technical focus of ROIDER IP lies in the fields of general mechanics, general mechanical engineering, medical engineering, aeronautical engineering, automotive engineering, plastics technology, production technology, optical systems, physics, mechatronics, electrical engineering, semiconductor technology as well as information and telecommunication technology.

Many of our clients said that we work closely with them in order to provide proactive suggestions for obtaining more valuable intellectual property rights and establishing a strong IP strategy. Furthermore, ROIDER IP always takes the client’s requirements seriously and demonstrates professionalism to meet their needs and expectations.