Patents and Utility models

Preparing and filing of German patent applications and utility models, European patent applications as well as International patent applications.


Preparing and filing German, European and International trademark applications.

Registered Designs

Preparing and filing of German registered design applications and European registered design applications.

Oppositions, Nullity and Cancellation

Filing of oppositions, nullity actions and cancellations and representing clients in such proceedings.

Contracts, Agreements and Licenses

Preparing license agreements, cooperation agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

German Act on Employees’ Inventions

Assisting of employers and employees regarding inventor remuneration and their claims.

Searches and Opinions

Performing prior art researches for new intellectual property applications, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) and Due-Diligence as well as preparing opinions, such as validity opinions and infringement opinions.


Assisting in infringement proceedings and mediations.


Advice regarding intellectual property strategy and preparing patent strategies and trademark strategies including respective researches.